Be a premium member and enjoy its advantages/benefits.

What does premium membership mean?

However GODDESS is a free game, its development cost an arm and many work. We can provide extra services for your donations:

Premium members:
- the fee will be spent on the further development of the game
- get extra technology (which is not shown on the character sheet), by which :
- enemies’ hit probability -10% during your adventures
- enemies’ damage -10%
- you wound with +10% (during roaming and in the arena)
- your action points regenerate 10%faster
- you get double XP in the arena
- you can upload your own pictures, which are 256*200 in any format
- 15 extra level above level 45

Premium membership costs 500 HUF/character and it is everlasting! no more monthly or annual fee. The membership is non-transferable among your characters. If you become a PM a letter „P” appears next to your name on the left. If it’s urgent, please send us an e-mail including the name of the person who transferred the fee, the amount of money you’ve transferred, and the name(s) of the character(s) you want to have PM. Bank transactions last for days or even weeks, but if you send us the e-mail described before, we can check the bank whether your transaction has arrived …this way you can get your PM even next day.

Paying the membership-fee:
facilities: personal, via post, bank transaction.
Bank account: 10403253-86705052-49501017
Further information:

Note: please write your character-name, who you want to be a PM and please state your username to make it possible for us to identify you.

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